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During the jewelry repairing the metal losses can be at the rate of 3%. During the manufacture of jewelry the customs material metal  losses are 10%.

Soldering a chain, braceletes, spoons

Silver Gold
Soldering a chain 10€ 10€
Soldering a spoon 15€


Reducing a size of the rings

Silver Gold
Without stones 15€ 15€
With stones 15€ 15€

*Also the cost of the ring reducing depends on the numbes of stones. It is possible that some of them might need to be removed.


Increasing the size of the rings

Silver Gold
Without stones 15€ 15€
With stones 15€ 15€


Silver Gold
lock repair chain from 5-15€ from 10-55€
Restoration of wrought products from 5€ from 5€
Soldering broken, missing Krapane, Corner (1 piece) 10€ 10€
Fabrication and installation of the pin 15€ 15€
Fabrication and installation of the hinge 15€ 25€
Polishing and restoration from 10€ from 10€
Washing products in ultrasound 3€ 3€

Ligation of beads and bracelets


Way of dressing (one line) Bracelet Beads
In Lanka (thin rubberized metal wire) 10€ 10€
On silk thread through the knot 50€ 50€


Silver Gold
Chains from 80€ from 120€
Bracelet from 50€ from 100€
Rings (without stones) from 50€ from 100€
Rings (with stones) from 65€ from 150€
Wedding rings (1 piece) from 25€ from 50€
Earrings  from 50€ from 100€
English earrings buckle from 65€ from 150€
Pendants from 50€ from 100€
Etching from 10€ from 10€

Ordering the jewel which is specially made for the customer according to the wishes. It can be done on our website accordingly:

  1. Choose your favorite piece of jewelry in our catalogs or just in the Internet.
  2. Send it to our E-mail (photo, sketch, sketch of the jewel).
  3. Add wanted product specifications (metal, insertion type, weight, size, width, thickness, length, and other parameters important for you).
  4. You will be contacted within 48 hours after receipt of the application.

Buying our products - you get approved goods. According to Estonian law all products of precious metals stigmatize with with individual supplier and manufacture stamp of the company. At each of our products is suffered a list of names and the sign of the sample - that guarantees purchased material compliance. We guarantee the quality of the goods supplied by us our list of names registered in the assay office. :Untitled 1

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